Rev. Galen Lowery

Serving as interim Pastor of Alpha Baptist church, Pastor Galen was raised on a farm in Indiana where hard work and family values are a way of life.

He and his wife LeeAnn moved to Michigan in 1970 to begin teaching careers, which lasted 35 years. Pastor Galen had over 9,000 students during this time and held over 15,000 parent teacher conferences. He taught high school while LeeAnn taught elementary.

They have 2 sons, both of whom know the Lord.

Pastor Galen was a disc jockey during his college years. He has been a Cessna pilot for the past 30 years, and so far, his take-offs have equaled his landings. He held a builder’s license for 25 years. When he is not doing ministry, he likes to operate backhoes.

He has been in ministry for the past 25 years. For the past 6 years, he was the senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Monroe, Michigan.

The question he constantly asks of himself is, how can I be more effective for the Kingdom Work?